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Company history

1981 May   Founde as TOWA PRINT KOGYO Co.,ltd.
1986 Aug   Moves head office to Namikicho
1992 Oct   Builds a new Headquarters and moves to Sandamachi
1994 Mar   Establishes TS giken co.,ltd
1995 Nov   Establishes Miyama factory in Miyamacho, in-house manufacturing multi-layer boards
1998 Mar   Installs copper plating line at Shimoongata Factory
1999 Dec   Establishes Youthtech co.,ltd.
2001 Dec   Resistered ISO 9001
2002 Feb   Start a business partnership with Yale Electronic Co., Ltd. invested in
2003 Sep   Resistered SONY Green Partner
2004 Feb   Shiro Mimura (the founder) became chairman
Yusuke Mimura is president and CEO
  Feb   Begins production of flexible printed circuit board plant in Miyama factory
  Sep   Build a new factory building Nibukata
2005 Jan   Establishes NEOTEX Material co.,ltd.
2006 Jul   Establishes TWP-YSP COMPANY LIMITED at HongKong
2007 Jun   Moves business sectors and administrative departments to Nibukata factory
  Jul   Establishes TY Artwork co.,ltd.
2008 Mar   China plant TOWA DIGI-TECH (HUI ZHOU) CO.,LTD. to begin operation
  Mar   Moves sales office to Nibukata factory
2009 Apr   Establishes Shinshu Matsumoto office
  Oct   Inherit Youthtech co.,ltd. and TS giken co.,ltd.
2010 Feb   Establishes Yokohama office
  Mar   Establishes Kyushu-Hakata office
  Apr   Establishes Tohoku office
2011 Jun   Establishes TOWAO ELE-TEC(GZ) CO.,LTD.
  Sep   Resistered ISO 14001
2012 Sep   Changed the name to "TOWA TRADING (ASIA) CO.,LTD." from "TWP-YSP CO.,LTD.".
2013 May   Establishes TOWA ELECTRONICS INC. at U.S.A.
  Jul   Establishes TOWA PRINT KOGYO Co.,LTD. Taiwan office
  Oct   Establishes Kita-Kanto office
2014 Aug   Resistered ISO/TS16949:2009
2015 Sep   TOWA TRADING ( Asia ) Co., Ltd. part owned a Sihui Fuji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ( Guangdong Sihui China )
2016 Apr   A wholly owned subsidiary of the acquisition of OK PRINT stock
2017 Aug   Capital increased to 90 million yen