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President Yusuke Mimura

What is the significance of existence of the enterprise at the present age?

The value of the enterprise cannot be judged from an index like sales and the profit, etc. alone now at the time of overflow the thing and information.

We Towa print kogyo works with "What can we leave for the next generation?", "How do we contribute to the world?", and "How do we create a better environment?" as the theme every day.

We will aim at the enterprise that can contribute to the society through responsible concern for the environment to say nothing of the quality, the delivery date, and the cost of product in the future.

Management principles

Improvement every day, always creating.
▹ The timing of improvement in each case at that time. Always think.

All employees will be happy in both physically and spiritually.
▹ We have a right to be happy to do my best.

We contribute to the world over the classification borders.
▹ We can affect humans as well as for all the world.